Abortion Aftercare Instructions

Be sure to listen to your body for the next few days.  What you are experiencing could be normal.  If you have questions, be sure to call our office at 913-491-6878.   Failure to call us may lead to a delay in the proper treatment and could cause further complications.  You may not hold us responsible for problems or other medical expenses if you obtain treatment elsewhere, without our prior instruction to do so. Patients are often given wrong information by well-meaning friends, an emergency room doctor, or other health care sources.  Please call our office first if you have any questions or problems.

Keep active following the procedure.  Do not go home and go to bed. Resume your normal activities immediately.  If you have a long car ride home, plan to stop and walk every hour. To eliminate uterine clots, it will help if you massage or rub your uterus from time to time.

Complications after D&Cs are very rare.  You can prevent infection or other problems by following the instructions we give you and by using good common sense.  Do not use tampons, and change your pads frequently.

In order to prevent infection, do not use tampons, douche, take tub baths, swim or have sex (even sex with condoms) until your 2-3 week post-op check-up.  In addition, take all of the antibiotics (doxycycline) that you are given.  Do not take the antibiotic with dairy products. The antibiotic can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so use caution outdoors.  If you have been given Methergine, take it every 4-6 hours, as directed.

It is common to have light bleeding or spotting on and off for a week or two after the procedure. This is not a menstrual period, but the effects of hormonal changes and your uterus going back to its normal size.  The bleeding may be red to brown to almost black.  It can occur daily, or stop for a day or two, then start up again unpredictably — all of this is normal. If you have started a birth control method, keep using it as directed. However, if the bleeding is heavy (soaking through a regular pad every hour) call the office immediately at 913-491-6878.

If you experience any of the following problems, call our office at once:

  • Heavy bright red bleeding (over 1 regular pad per hour)
  • Severe cramps not relieved by rubbing and massaging your uterus, and taking 800mg of ibuprofen (4 Motrin or 2 Aleve tablets), especially if you are not bleeding at all

Tylenol, Midol, or Pamprin do not work nearly as well

  • Passage of bright red blood clots larger than an egg.
  • A foul-smelling, or greenish vaginal discharge.
  • Fever of over 100.6°F  (Don’t guess — use a thermometer.)


When calling after regular business hours, make sure you properly enter your phone number as prompted by our answering service. Turn off your answering machine and/or call blocking. Do not go to an emergency room without calling our office first.

If we do not return your call in 10 to 15 minutes, please call back.   When you call the office, be prepared the phone number of a pharmacy that is open, in case we need to call in a prescription for you.

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